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Bubble Bobble World Story

Once upon a time in a far off kingdom called Rainbow Island there lived two small dragons named Bub and Bob. One day when they were walking along in their favorite meadow in Sunny Meadows something terrible happened. Bub's and Bob's parents went for a walk in Rainbow Forest and haven't returned for the last two days. On the third day a kind Wizard named Gurgon went to Bub's and Bobs house and told the kids with the help of his crystal ball that their parents have been kidnapped by The Dark Dwarf. The Wizard told the two little dragons that you will find The Dark Dwarf in the North of Rainbow Forest and that you will find him in the Road of Eternity. With a wave of his hand the Wizard made a magic envelope and handed it to the two young dragons and said "This map will help you find the Dark Dwarf's den. Open this letter only when you get to the entrance to his cave." told the wizard. After that the two young dragons thanked the wizard and set off on their quest to save their parents. After following the Wizard's directions and heading north for three days they found the entrance to the cave but it was completely sealed off by magic. The Dragons remembered the words of the kind wizard and opened the envelope and there was a message on the envelope. The Message read:

"My dear brave dragons! I am sorry that I didn't tell you that your journey would be a long and a dangerous one but I am sure you two can make it. The Dark Dwarf has many servants and it is going to be hard to get away from them. To make your journey easier I have made a list of your enemies with brief descriptions. These are the ones I know of:

- this is a Goblin. He is the least dangerous monsters you will face. I don't think you'll have any trouble dealing with these creatures. As far as I know, he doesn't possess any magic abilities. But don't let him touch you or you will lose a life.

- this monster is known as the Loch Moss. He is a lot more dangerous then the Goblins. Be aware of his shooting ability. His bullets don't go straight but follow a wave pattern. Be very careful! He is powerful.

- this is a Genie. I have only seen it from a distance. It can fly straight and bounce off the walls. As far as I know, he doesn't have any other special abilities but you can never be sure...

- this is a cave Berserker. My only encounter with it is not something I like to recall. It is very fast and dangerous. When it spots an enemy, it runs as fast as it can right at it. Be careful when you have several of these running at you! You can trap one or two in the bubbles but the rest are still going to keep running. In these cases, it is better to jump aside and let them pass.

- this one's name is Slicky. There is not a creature as fast and artful as Slicky in the whole of the Dark Dwarf Kingdom. He can easily jump over you magic bubbles. To trap him, you have to be dexterous and skillful. I hope you can deal with him.

- this is a Bat. It is a very experienced hunter, specially trained in the woods of the Dark Dwarf. It's killer instinct is outstanding and the wingspan is mind-boggling! You'll see for yourselves... Luckily, it can hardly see in the daylight, so it will shake from side to side. This makes it impossible to tell the direction of its flight. Keep this in mind when battling them.

- this is an Imp. Ooh, this is a very dangerous enemy and I don't know much about it. When you come back, I hope we can add more details to this description. Here is what I know so far: The Imp can shoot fireballs using its pitchfork. Try to come up to it from behind and then when it shoots, quickly attack it. It's also a fact that Fire Magic doesn't work against it. Remember this!

- this is a Sorcerer Dwarf. It is directly subordinate to the Dark Dwarf. There are good at magic, I have experienced that myself. The Dark Dwarf himself trains them... Every one of them knows three spells. This is a Red Star, the least dangerous of all the spells. It goes straight in your direction. The second one - the Cursed Rain. The Sorcerer Dwarf will shoot a Blue Star that slowly comes down on you. As soon as you see it, run as fast as you can. And finally, the most dangerous spell - The Triple Ring of Darkness. It is very very hard to dodge it. The air gets hot and three sparkling magic balls come out, wiping out everything in their way. But you are in luck. I know a secret that can help you deal with these enemies. Before they cast a spell, the Sorcerer Dwarves stop and start reading long runes. You can see radiance around their staffs. Once you see that, try to trap the enemy using bubbles or run away!

- the Dark Dwarf. No one has ever seen him. He is the most dangerous of all! I am sure he is holding your Mother and Father captive. I believe that you will be able to rescue them!

Be careful and remain alert at all times!

Good luck to you, friends,
Gurgon the Silver
Chairman of the order of wizards and magicians."

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